Anton Andersson

Software Engineer

The Walking Dead

Project Description

Whilst working on The Walking Dead I have been mainly responsible for crafting dynamic and scalable systems that can be used to craft a varying set of skills and abilities associated with different game characters. In order to achieve this I created a modular building system that allows creation of player abilities, actions and effects dynamically in the game editor by combining smaller building blocks. This ended up working very well with the character creation process setup during development as it allowed quick tweaks and fast iteration on features while also being scalable for long term implementation.

I have additionally worked closely with level design in order to provide gameplay mechanics necessary for overall flow and progression. This has involved systems that interact a lot with both dynamic characters  and the static environment.  In addtion to this much of my work has involved making existing systems work in multiplayer as well as ensuring multiplayer integrity in the gameplay layer as we go forward with the project.


Gameplay/Network Programmer


Starbreeze Studios, Stockholm, Sweden


Creating modular systems used for crafing scalable player gameplay mechanics. Networking gameplay features. Level design features.

Software, Resources, Languages

Git, Subversion, JavaScript, HTML, Sublime, C++

E3 2015 Trailer

Virtual Reality Playthrough