Anton Andersson

Software Engineer

The Little Cheese Boy

Project Description

An homage to Pac-Man. Developed during a two months period alongside some of my fellow students at Blekinge Institute of Technology. Wrote the DirectX and OpenGL renderers and ensured that the renderers would work on both Mac, Linux and Windows. Implemented the grid generation for the AI pathfinding and the A* algorithm we used in the game. Additionally worked on gameplay features such as the rat and Napoleon AI systems. After the project was over two of my fellow students and myself followed up the project by creating an editor for the game in C# and XNA. In the editor you could create your own levels by defining the tile sets. I worked on the actual drawing tools that allowed you to make these tile sets as well as the quick access radial menu UI that allowed quick selection of various tile types. Also implemented a notification system that displayed your actions and allowed you to learn more  about them.


Rendering/Gameplay/AI Programmer


Blekinge Institute of Technology (2 month game project)


A* Pathfinding, Level Editor Creation, UI Programming, OpenGL and Direct3D Renderer

Software, Resources, Languages

Visual Studio, C++, C#, DirectX, OpenGL, Git, XNA

External Links

The Little Cheese Boy IndieDB Page