Anton Andersson

Software Engineer

Work Experience
Lead Gameplay Programmer

Avalanche Studios, New York City, May 2017 -  Present 

 Project: Just Cause 4

  • Building and maintaining macro gameplay interfaces. Setting up progression systems and open world script solutions. Developing user interfaces for HUD and menus.

Gameplay Programmer

Starbreeze Studios, Stockholm, September 2016 -  May 2017

 Project: Overkill's The Walking Dead

  • Architecting and maintaining a large set of modular gameplay systems handling character skills and  progression. Creating level design systems and networked game features.

Software Engineer

Framestore, London, April 2016 -  August 2016 

Project: Ford Hub

  • Built a standalone city simulation with fluid traffic movement and intelligent pathfinding. Maintained a large set of custom menu systems and provided tools for content creators in order to facilitate easier asset management.

Gameplay Programmer

Lionhead Studios, Guildford, March 2014 - March 2016 

 Project: Fable Legends

  • Worked on a large set of modular gameplay systems alongside tech designers. Built the Xbox Live achievement system  and the entirety of the hero/villain world interaction systems. Created the minigame layer and worked on a large set of the game UI. Created hero abilities and level design systems.


HiQ, Karlskrona, October 2013 - December 2013 

Project: Ericsson Smart Home App

  • Created a custom Smart Home data interface for mobile devices using primarily JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Technical Skills

  • Object-Oriented Design, Test-Driven Development, Data-Oriented Design, Debugging, Entity-Component Systems, 2D/3D Real-Time Rendering, Ray-Tracing, Gameplay System Architectures. TCP/UDP


  • C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Objective C, x86 Assembly, HTML, CSS, ActionScript.


  • Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Blend, Sublime, Netbeans, Adobe Animate.


  • DirectX 9/10/11, OpenGL 3, Unreal Engine 4, XNA Game Studio, FMOD, SFML, FBX SDK, Windows Presentation Foundation, Xbox One SDK, Playstation for SDK

Version Control

Perforce, Team Foundation Server, Git, Subversion.


M.S. in Game and Software Engineering

Blekinge Institute of Technology

  • Karlskrona, Sweden, 2009-2014

Areas of Interest

Physics Programming

  • Constructed the physics engine used in the game Amalgamation. Primarily worked on rigid body collision detection and response. My work also included spatial data structure construction and collision detection.

Artificial Intelligence Programming 

  • Created a city simulation during my time at Framestore which included a full artificial traffic  system.  Have additionally studied pathfinding over a number of world representations including grids and navigation meshes. Also constructed an AI for the first StarCraft game and created my own volumetric navigation mesh whilst working on my master thesis.

Massively Parallel Processing

  • Have been working with GPU programming during large parts of my education. I wrote a real-time ray tracer using massive parallel processing and DirectCompute. The ray tracer was able to simulate a scene in real time that included dynamically animated skeletal meshes, multiple surface  materials and dynamically configurable lighting.

Behaviour Driven Development

  • During my time at Lionhead I forefronted the conversion to a Behaviour Driven Development methodology  with regards to software design. This provided me with great insight into how such engineering might be conducted and how to apply it properly to games.

Game Engine Architecture

  • The time spent in larger development teams during most of my professional career has given me great experience in engineering for a wide set of customers and requirements. I am particularily interested in creating robust and modular systems that scale well and are flexible to use.


Ian Sutton, UI/UX Designer

Ford Hub

"Anton is one of the most professional developers I have worked with over my career. He has a deep technical knowledge that gives him huge diversity within his skillset making him an incredible asset on any team.Coupled with a 'can-do' attitude and an innate excitement and curiosity about any given work that is infectious, I have absolutely no trouble recommending Anton for any team that requires a developer role."

James Vango-Brown, Line Manager

Fable Legends

"Anton is an extremely talented and hard working software engineer. He has been an invaluable part of the Fable Legends team and produces great quality code as well as being a pleasure to work with. He regularly comes up with innovative and elegant solutions to difficult problems and understands how to build maintainable systems for content creators that give them the freedom to be as creative as they need. He is great at communicating his ideas to others as well as understanding what designers want and identifying the important task requirements. I believe Anton would be a fantastic asset to any project he is involved with and I would recommend him to anyone."

Matt Spriggens, Senior Designer

Overkill's The Walking Dead

"I have worked closely with Anton on several key features for Overkill's The Walking Dead, and he has proven to be a dedicated professional that delivers high-quality work within a short amount of time - Perfect for rapid-iteration and feature prototype development! Anton is a passionate and highly motivated individual who is constantly thinking of ways to push the project forward and improve/iterate, and is not afraid to bring his own ideas to the table. His positive demeanor makes him a delight to work with. I would highly recommend Anton and would gladly work with him again in the future."