Anton Andersson

Software Engineer

Ray Tracer


Developer (Personal School Project)


Blekinge Institute of Technology


Real-Time RayTracing

Software, Resources, Languages

Visual Studio, C++, DirectCompute

Project Description

Developed a real-time ray tracer for a school assignment whilst at Blekinge Institute of Technology.  The ray tracer was capable of rendering a full scene populated by primitives and a skeletally animated mech robot at an interactive frame rate. It additionally supported up to 10 traces, variations in surface materials and three different light types; Spotlight, Pointlight and Directional Light.  The real-time updates of the  collision volumes for the animated robot was made possible through the use of my own custom BSP tree which I updated dynamically. In order to make these real-time updates possible I blurred the rules of how strictly correct the BSP needed to be. Due to the relative spatial coherency of the robot motion the BSP tree representation remained accurate enough to provide great increases in speed despite the animation.