Anton Andersson

Software Engineer

Fable Legends

Project Description

A lot of my work on Fable Legends involved creating gameplay systems designed to be extendable using the Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint script systems. I worked a great deal on the villain and hero interaction systems. Creating features that allowed the player to move, activate or otherwise manipulate items in the world. I also set up a large set of gameplay statistic systems in order to track player actions. I later used these systems in order to build a modular unlock system that was used to support Xbox Live Achievements.


For the tutorial needed by the game I created a flow based system that allowed scripters to set up dependencies between various tutorial elements that in turn helped the players through the game. I also created user interfaces for a handful of systems; including objective displays, minigames, tutorials and game notifications. Daily communication with producers, artists, scripters and the services/muliplayer programming teams provided great insight into the complexities of game development.


Gameplay/UI Programmer



Lionhead Studios, Guildford, United Kingdom



Hero and villain interaction gameplay systems. Xbox Live Achievements. Gameplay statistics. Objectives, level flow and in game collectibles. Gameplay UI. Minigames.


Software, Resources, Languages

Perforce, C++, C#, Microsoft Blend, Unreal Engine 4, Visual Studio


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