Anton Andersson

Software Engineer



Scrum Master

Physcis/Rendering/Gameplay Programmer


Blekinge Institute of Technology (6 month game project)


Rigid Body Physics Engine, Particle Editor, Asset Mangement System, Ship Module Gameplay Mechanics. 

Software, Resources, Languages

Visual Studio, Git, C++, DirectX11

External Links

Amalgamation IndieDB Page

Project Description

Worked as a principle developer on a six month game project where we developed the game 'Amalgamation'. A third-person space shooter where you control a ship and fight for resources in an abandoned asteroid colony.  I developed the rigid body physics engine for the game as well as large portions of the asset management system. Mainly handling FBX mesh assets and particle effects. These resources were converted to our internal format by our engine. Also worked on the gameplay mechanics in our custom made Entity-Component System. During the project I additionally managed the Scrums as part of the course revolved around Agile development. In total the project lasted for about 6 months and our team consisted of eight people. Six programmers and two graphical artists.