Anton Andersson

Software Engineer

Agile Engine

Project Description

Agile Engine is a general purpose Game Engine currently in development as a personal project.  The engine is using it's own cusom renderer written in Direct3D and presented using a custom UI interface. Assets are handled through a customized serialization and package system that converts external formats such as .FBX and .JPEG to internal engine representations. The physics layer handles simple rigid body dynamics and collision resolution using an impulse system. Flexible and lightweight Entity-Component solutions enable rapid and easy creation and editing of gameplay elements within the editor itself and creation of entire level packages. The AI layer features it's own navigation mesh generation tools and pathfinding algorithms.


Developer (Personal Project)


3D/2D Game Engine with a custom asset manager, physics system, AI layer, gameplay layer and UI interface. 

Software, Resources, Languages

Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server, C++, DirectX11

External Links

User Interface Editor  Demonstration

2D Level Editor