Anton Andersson

Software Engineer


I have always loved to solve problems. Be they mathematical problems, logical problems or computer problems. There is something very satisfying about taking something complicated and breaking it down into something simple. About helping others. And about creating something where there used to be nothing. To me, that is what programming is all about.

My name is Anton Andersson and I am a Software Engineer currently working in the game industry. I studied Computer Science in Sweden between 2009 and 2014 after which I got a job at Lionhead Studios where I worked for 2 years as a Gameplay Programmer. In April 2016 I moved to Framestore in London where I worked for 6 months. I then moved back to Sweden for an employment as a Gameplay Programmer at Starbreeze Studios in Stockholm. For the last two years I have been working at Avalanche Studios. Developing Just Cause 4 from the New York office as Lead Gameplay Programmer.

My career has been a fantastic experience in an ever growing and ever changing industry filled with diversity and creative people. Loving what I do and the environment I am in has helped me develop my skills every day and advance as a programmer in a field that I am very passionate about. I look forward to all future projects I will be involved in and where my career might take me next.