Anton Andersson

Software Engineer

Professional Projects

Just Cause 4

Lead Gameplay Programmer, Avalanche Studios, New York City

Worked on macro systems, progression and UI for the main game as well as all DLC packs. Primary person in charge of the gameplay tech layer. Built scalable systems for scripters to extend using our custom editor in the Apex Game Engine. Setup interfaces against platform specific API.    Learn More

The Walking Dead

Gameplay Programmer, Starbreeze Studios, Stockholm

Creating gameplay systems for the upcoming 'The Walking Dead' game. Architected and am  maintaining a large set of systems handling player skills and character progression. Also writing systems that facilitate level design by enabling modular construction of game environments. Learn More

Ford Hub

Software Developer, Framestore, London

Worked in the Unreal game engine as a principle engineer of the Ford Hub virtual city experience. Developed a fluid city simulation with intelligent artificial vehicles moving around in real time. Also supported our UI/UX artists by creating custom and dynamic menu systems.   Learn More

Fable Legends

Gameplay Programmer, Lionhead Studios, Guildford

Worked on the gameplay team as a programmer. Created base systems for tech design to extend using the Blueprint system present in Unreal Engine 4.  Gameplay areas included objectives, achievements, skills, level design systems, property management and camera control. Learn More

Other Projects

Agile Engine

Personal Game Engine Project

Personal project I am working on in my spare time. Engineering custom editing interfaces, asset management systems, physics and UI tools as well as a custom entity-component solution for development of games in a similar fashion to Unreal Engine 4 or Unity. Learn More


Programmer/Scrum Master, University (BTH), Karlskrona

Six month University project alongside 7 of my then class mates. Wrote the physics system and particle editor. Created the asset management system used for FBX import and conversion. General gameplay programming and some experience as Scrum Master also came into play during the project. Learn More

Real-Time Ray Tracer

Personal Ray Tracer Project, University (BTH), Karlskrona

Custom Ray Tracer written using DirectCompute and C++. Capable of performing  real-time Ray  Traced shading of dynamic scenes including multiple lights and animated 3D meshes. Supports dynamic materials with a configurable number of ray bounces.  Learn More

The Little Cheese Boy

Personal Ray Tracer Project, University (BTH), Karlskrona

Two month game project created with 5 of my University class mates for Linux, Mac and Windows. Wrote the OpenGL and Direct3D renderer. Worked on the AI logic and the pathfinding algorithms as well as generic gameplay logic. Learn More